The Light House is a 3-in-one ministry that comprises of:
Evangelism, Discipling and Gathering

This is who we are.

(Outreach Ministry)

We are creating a vehicle for people to express the love of God through miraculous signs and wonders.

Our outreach ministry called M.O.T.S. (Miracles on The Streets) takes place at the Tuesday Market.

We also go "Treasure Hunting" every Thursday - meeting at The Sugar Loaf at 10am.
This is evangelism outreach.

In addition we do other outreach programmes as and when opportunities arise.

1 Corinthians 2:4-5

(Solid Biblical Foundations)

Our discipleship program has the following aims:

1. To disciple new believers on how to evangelise.

2. To go with signs and wonders.

3. To disciple, to teach new and old believers in who they are in Christ and what they have.

Matthew 7:26-28


Our Sunday services are fluid, we meet at 10am and start with coffee and plenty of chat, followed by worship, then sharing testimonies, prayer for each other and in some cases more worship, as the Spirit leads.

There are no sermons.
We provide teaching during the mid-week meetings.
Everyone brings a packed lunch, and a little extra to share with new people.

There is no fixed time to finish.

We see ourselves as a community church and believe that churches should work with and support their local communities.

Acts 2:42 - Psalm 100


We want to create an atmosphere of God's presence. Our worship is greatly influenced by Bethel Worship, Hillsongs and Gateway Worship.


We're not just trying to put on a good show, we are trying to create space so everyone can have an opportunity to encounter God, whether you believe or not.


The Light House Church's pursuit is to create a church where you can deeply experience the love and presence of God and partner with Jesus to express the joy, power and authority of His kingdom in every area of your life.

The Light House Church meets at The Portland Community Venue Three Yard Close

The Light House is Affiliated with
Faithlife Church Cambridge