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Welcome to the Light House Church
We meet at The Venue every Sunday at 10.15 am.

We would like to invite you and your family to gather with us  at the Venue.

Over a cuppa and refreshments.

In a relaxed and friendly environment, with prayer, praise and worship.

Using traditional and modern music.


The Light House Church involves the following headings
to demonstrate the building blocks for our Church here on Portland.

(Outreach Ministry)

We are creating a vehicle for people to express the love of God through miraculous signs and wonders.

We encourage our members to always be prepared to give an account of what we believe and to personally share their testimony in love to these we meet.

In addition we are involved in other outreach programmes as and when opportunities arise.

1 Corinthians 2:4-5

(Solid Biblical Foundations)

1. To help new church members to have a relationship with Jesus.

2. To understand healing and miracles and demonstrate signs and wonders.

3. To teach new believers on how to evangelise.

4. To teach new and old believers who they are in Christ and what they have.

Matthew 28: 19-20


Our Sunday services meet at 10.15 am and start with refreshments and a chat, followed by amazing traditional and modern worship, sharing testimonies and praying for each other and in some cases more worship, as the Spirit leads. Plus preaching/teaching of the Word.

There is no fixed time to finish.

We aim to provide mid week discipleship training and bible teaching. Sometimes based around a meal or a supper.

We see ourselves as a community church and believe that churches should work with and support their local communities.


We want to create an atmosphere of God's presence. Our praise and worship is greatly influenced by traditional and modern music.


During our meetings we want to encourage a family friendly environment and we're not just trying to put on a good show, we are trying to create space so everyone can have an opportunity to encounter God, whether you believe or not. People of all ages are welcome.


We want to create a church that is relevant to today. We want to demonstrate the life of Christ in every area of our lives. Our church wants to pray for, connect and interact within the local community, particularly on the Island of Portland.

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The Light House Church meets at

The Portland Community Venue

Three Yards Close

Car Parking is available.