Sermons 2018

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December 2 He knows the plans He has for you by Edith Hardy

November 23 The Wide Mouth Frog by Peter Wells

October 30 Crocodiles. No presence without reverence by Rob Vincent

September 9 When the fish are not biting by Peter Wells

September 2 Abide in Jesus by Edith Hardy

August 12 What have you done with my Word by Edith Hardy

July 29 Wake up and smell the coffee by Rob Vincent

July 15 Behold Him as in a Mirror by Edith Hardy

July 8 His Glory in The Tabanacle by Edith Hardy

July 1 Dissing The Church Testimonies by G&E Hardy

June 24 Dissing The Church by Graham Hardy

June 10 The Full Armour of God by Edith Hardy

June 3 Pursuing God's Glory by Edith Hardy

May 27 Kingdom of Heaven on Earth by Graham Hardy

May 13 Acts 12 by Edith Hardy

April 29 Psalm 91 by Edith Hardy